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Testing Overview

There are many different exams students will experience over their four-year tenure at Cox Mill.  We would like to highlight some of those here and provide additional resources to learn more about each individual test. As always, please contact your counselor with any questions or concerns.


Below you will find information about the following exams:

State Exams:

  • End of Course (EOC)  - December 11th through December 15th, 2023 
  • Teacher-made exams - December 11th through December 15th, 2023 
  • WorkKeys: November 8th & 9th,2023

Higher Education: 

  • PSAT/NMSQT: October 11th, 2023 (NO MAKE-UP) 
      • Go to the student score reports homepage.  You will need to sign in to your College Board account to view the page. If you do not have an account, CREATE ONE. Once you have signed in, your most recent score should appear at the top of the page.  Click the score to see your detailed score report. You can also click MY SCORE REPORTS at the top of the page navigation and select a score report from the menu.
      • If you encounter any problems accessing your scores, please contact CollegeBoard:
        • 866-433-7728 / international 1-212-713-8105 / fax 610-290-8979
  • SAT (CollegeBoard): Not offered at Cox Mill HS (Please go to OR to register)
  • Pre-ACT (10th grade only): November 2nd, 2023
  • ACT (11th grade only): March 2024 (TBD)
  • Advanced Placement (AP): May 6, 2024 - May 17, 2023 

Viewing Scores

If your student took a state exam an Individual Student Report (ISR) of your student’s score(s) is available in PowerSchool. To view electronic copies of the ISR in PowerSchool, log into PowerSchool through a web browser Once on the website, click on State Test Reports in the left-hand menu bar. The ISR is not viewable on the PowerSchool app.




Any standardized test score is a single indicator of student performance and one piece of his or her educational picture. Your student’s test score should be considered along with all other information provided throughout the school year.


If you have questions or concerns about viewing the Individual Student Report, please let us know.

Test Exemption Policy

In order to exempt an exam:

  1. SENIOR - You must be a senior.
  2. COURSE GRADE - You must have a grade of 80 or better when 1st and 2nd nine week grades are averaged together for that class.
  3. ATTENDANCE - You must not have more than 3 absences in that class (excused or unexcused). 
  4. DISCIPLINE - You must not have served in ISS or OSS the entire year.  (Check with the Control Room to confirm this.)

Please note that this exemption Policy does not apply to AP Courses.