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NC Virtual (NCVPS)



North Carolina Virtual Public School (NCVPS) is a distance learning option available to students. The courses are managed 100% online with mostly asynchronous courses. Students work on campus in our YES Center or at home (FLEX - 11th & 12th only).  Students are expected to login to their virtual class every school day and plan to work a minimum of 90 minutes per day! 

❖CTE, Honors & AP course options 

❖2.8 unweighted GPA required 

❖Students may ONLY take courses not offered at CMHS 

❖Login daily, 90/minutes per day 

❖Virtual courses; no live session

❖Students may take Fall, Spring, & Summer classes


Where do I take my virtual courses?

  • Students will be assigned a "Placeholder" in their schedule

  • Students will report to the YES Center, Room #2208, during their designated class time. 

  • 11th & 12th graders may request to FLEX the class period if it is in 1st or 4th block and with approval.  Flex Form must be completed.  Review FLEX Policies.

Flex Policies & Form

Grading Policies 

  • Students may not drop courses. Droping an NCVPS course will result in a “WF”. 

  • All courses follow the same CMHS schedule change policies.  

  • Only Final Grades are entered into Powerschool at the end of the semester. 

  • Your final NCVPS Grade will be on your transcript and factor into your GPA like a regular Cox Mill Course.

NCVPS User Agreement & Policies

Course Expectations – YOU EARN YOUR GRADE!

  • Students will receive your LOGIN info by email and in class on the 1st day of the semester in the YES Center. 

  • Students are expected to login daily.  

  • Students will communicate any concerns or questions with their NCVPS teacher asap. 

NCVPS Canvas Course Login

Potential Course Options: Students may ONLY take courses from the lists below.

WORLD LANGUAGES: (live, virtual coaching session may be required)

  • Spanish III Honors

  • Spanish IV Honors

  • Arabic

  • French

  • German

  • Latin

  • Japanese

  • Mandarin Chinese 

  • Russian 

  • American Sign Language


  • AP European History (year-long) 

  • AP Art History (year-long) 


  • SAS Computer Programming

  • Career Management (CTE In Person Final Exam Required)


  • Art of Fashion Design (prq = ART 1) 

  • Art of Game Design (prq = ART 1) 

  • Art of Visual Journaling (prq = ART 1) 


  • World Religions

  • Journalism 

  • Medieval Studies 

  • Leadership Development

  • Success 101 

  • Veterinary Science – Fall & Spring Only

  • Oceanography – Spring Only