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EOC and CTE state exams as well as teacher-made exams are around the corner and required to be taken.  The dates are as follows.


                Thursday May 16, 2024 – frist block

                Friday May 17, 2024 – second block

                Monday May 20, 2024 – third block

                Tuesday May 21, ,2024 – fourth block

                Make up – TBD


All students are required to report to school at 7am and will be dismissed at 11:30am Monday through Thursday and Friday at 11am.  Please make sure students bring their Chromebooks to school fully charged on the days they are scheduled to test as well as their Chromebook chargers.

Grab and go lunches will be available.


If you have any questions regarding EOC exams, please email,us

If you have any questions regarding CTE exams, please email

If you have questions regarding a teacher made exam, please email the appropriate teacher for the class.


View Released EOC Test Forms