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How do I stop smoking, using vapes, nicotine, or marijuana?

If you are a student thinking about changing your use of vapes, nicotine, or marijuana, Project CONNECT may be for you! Through the Project CONNECT program, participants plan, prepare, and develop skills that will help them find their own success through the quitting process. Participants meet once a week for eight weeks and discuss and work on such topics as the cycle of addiction, the health effects of vaping and smoking, quitting methods, recovery symptoms, identification of use trippers, stress management techniques, decision making and healthy lifestyle choices. Most importantly, participants will learn those skills necessary to help them change their use of vapes and/or smoking. If you are interested in participating in this program, speak with your school counselor, nurse, or administration.

Additional Information about the program:

*There are two permission slips that have been attached (only one is required, not both) one is a copy of our general permission slip (word doc), and the other parents/students may opt-in to a data share agreement for research purposes (pdf attachment).

*There will be a rotating 60 minute sessions of the last hour of class (more details coming soon) that will take place on Wednesdays beginning October 4th, 2023.

*There will approximentaly be 12 students in total during these sessions.

*We also want to support you as the parent during this time. We are offering a parent workshop on October 24 from 6pm-7pm virtually. Click on this link to register: Virtual Prevention Resources and Education for Parents/Caregivers Registration (