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Point System

ITS Point System

In order to be inducted into ITS, students must earn 10 points prior to May 1st.  10 points is representative of 100 hours of work in theatre.  Points can include both acting and/or technical/production work from any CMHS theatre production or any communicate theatre production.  Community production points are subject to approval by the troupe director and may require proof of role (program, a letter from the director, etc.). In order to log points, you will need to come to an ITS meeting and get a Point Tracker sheet from Ms. Grelecki. Activities completed prior to one's freshman year of high school do not count towards ITS points. 

Here are some point opportunities this semester: 

Dark Side of Theatre- Auditions: Oct. 5 After School  Performance: Oct. 13 @5pm

Winter One Act Auditions- Auditions: Oct. 30 After School   Performance: Dec. 7 and 8 @7pm 

Spring Musical- Auditions: Nov. 8 and 9 After School   Performance: March 21- 23 @7pm and 24 @ 2:30pm


For any questions, email Ms. Grelecki: