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Technology Work Orders

Submitting a Technology Work Order
Having an issue with your chromebook? Place a work order using the link below. 

Before you place your work order please follow these directions:

  • When placing a work order there are a few things that would be helpful to Mr. Carter. 
  • Include your full schedule in the description of your issue
  • If you are having an issue with something on your screen, include a screenshot of what it looks like 
  • When you get called down to his office, always bring your laptop and charger to his office in case you need to switch out your device. 
  • We may write comments on your work order. Log back in to Incident IQ to see these so that you can answer our questions if we have any. 

Technology Work Order Link

Chromebook Policy

Quick Fixes to try before placing a work order
- Try Clearing your Cache and Cookies when you're having problems with certain websites and links. 

- Is your login screen showing a screen that says you need to enter your old password? Click where it says "Forgot Old Password" and then on the next screen select proceed anyway. This will allow you to login to your chromebook.