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Children of Addiction (COA)

During the week of Valentine’s Day, we recognize Children of Addiction (COA) Awareness Week. This is a week to bring awareness of the impact of a family member’s substance use on the children in their families. It is a week to bring hope to children and to know that they are not alone. During this week, we encourage caring adults to reach out and support students impacted by a loved one’s substance use. To learn more about COA week, you can visit the National Association for Children of Addiction (NACoA) at  Below are some resources.  These kiddos are sometimes overlooked but still need support!  Thanks for reading and I hope you can share with your teens and families.



In March, we are very excited to have someone from Caron coming to educate our students on the Impact of Substance Use. They will also be providing a training program, so that our students will be able to educate their peers, and others from the local elementary and middle schools.


Substance use disorder is a family illness. Children and teens, especially, are impacted when growing up in a family with parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, or siblings who have substance use 
disorders. These children are at a greater risk of developing a substance use disorder and/or other behavioral health issues, such as:
• Low self-esteem/loneliness
• Aggressiveness
• Depression/anxiety
• Poor academic performance
• Relationship problems


The Satell Family Children and Teens Virtual Program at Caron 
provides a unique experience for children to learn that they are not 
alone and that there is hope, for both themselves and their loved one. 
The program provides education on the disease of addiction and helps 
children learn that their loved one’s disease is not their fault. 



The National Institute on Drug Abuse estimates that 25 percent of American kids grow up in households where substance abuse is present. Without strong support, these children and teens are 
at an increased risk for the development of their own behavioral health disorders. This course will increase an understanding of how family members are impacted when addiction is present in their lives and how professionals can provide understanding, support and resources to the children, teens, and families they