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School Counseling Program

School Counseling Program

Cox Mill High School employs five full-time, licensed school counselors, with Student:Counselor ratios of approximately 375:1. Assess, program assessment, school counselor assessment and appraisal; Deliver, direct student services, indirect student services; Define, student standards, professional standards; Manage, program focus, program planning
Each school counselor holds a Master's Degree in School Counseling.  
Together, the school counseling team strives to provide a comprehensive, developmental school counseling program that is guided by:

The school counseling program addresses needs in four broad areas:

  1. Academic
  2. Career
  3. College
  4. Social/Emotional

Our School Counselors

Nia Robinson, School Counselor
Caseload:  A - D
Shannon Burpeau, School Counselor
Caseload:  E - K 
Amanda Cauthen, School Counselor
Caseload:  L - Q 
James Farmer, School Counselor
Caseload:  R - Z