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Career & College Promise (CCP)



The Career & College Promise Program is a state-sponsored collaboration between North Carolina public High Schools and public colleges and universities across North Carolina. CCP allows qualified students (2.8 gpa required) to take tuition-free courses that can earn high school and college credits at the same time. CMHS Partners with Rowan Cabarrus Community College. These college level courses require a high level of independence and the ability to manage rigorous coursework.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Career & College Promise (CCP) Courses.

  • Yes, so long as you are a rising 12th grade student or a soon to be graduating senior. Summer courses are condensed 8 week courses that often require  2-3 hours of daily work. Students can take up to 2 summer courses. Summer courses will be stored on transcript and affect high school GPA for rising 12th grade students. 

    CCP courses taken after a student graduates will not be reflected on their high school transcript or GPA.


    *Please note that students are 100% responsible for textbooks, e-text, and any fees incurred from summer courses. Zero reimbursements. 

  • Official Transcript Unofficial Transcript


    RCCC Transcript - OFFICIAL Transcript Request

    You will need to know your full RCCC ID# and be able to pay a fee of $8 per request. 

    RCCC Transcript - UNOfficial 

    Free & downloadable PDF of your transcript. 

    • Login to your RCCC Webadvisor account: 

    • RCCC Homepage> Quick Links > Webadvisor

    • Select: Students/Employees > WebAdvisor Login

    • Use your same login used for Blackboard

    • Select: Academics

    • Right-Click or Hover over Academics

    • Select Unofficial Transcript


    More information can be found on our RCCC Transcripts Webpage.

  • CCP

  • Both! Most are virtual. Students can select virtual or seated/in-person courses on the RCCC Campus. 

  • Students work in the YES Center, Room 2208, for their virtual course if remaining on campus.


    Students who opt to flex must leave campus during their CCP Period.

    • Access your course: Blackboard (Quick Links>Blackboard)

    • Complete the EVA in Blackboard *time sensetive* (student will be dropped from the course if not completed within the first couple days of the course starting).

    • Inactivity within the course will result in a student being dropped.

    • Review syllabus & due dates in your course

    • Check RCCC email - MANDATORY (see login sheet)

    • Watch RCCC Orientation videos below.

    Orientation Video

    *FYI: There is nothing you can do before the day the class starts.  Your class will NOT show in Blackboard.

  • RCCC Tech Support

  • Tuition is free but, there are fees associated with the program that the school does not cover.

    Please know taking CCP classes is rarely free. There will be college fees attached, so check your account regularly and reach out to the college with billing questions.


    For more inforation on Books, Fees & Reimbursements check out our website here.

  • Students may not drop their CCP course.  This will result in a WF on your transcript.

    • You can be dropped by RCCC for non-activity (10% of class disengagement) = WF on your transcript

    • You can be dropped by RCCC for NOT completing the EVA = WF on your transcript.

      • WF= Withdraw Fail. WF will impact your GPA. Equivalent to a failed course.

    • 2.8 unweighted GPA
    • 11th & 12th grade students only
    • Complete all required registration steps. Students will not be enrolled in the course until all steps are complete.