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Flex Information

Senior Flex or Early Grads

Seniors who wish to Flex or be an Early Grad must follow the guidelines below: 

  1. Discuss with your parents/guardians your desire to Flex or be an Early Grad.
  2. Submit the CMHS Schedule Change Form by the schedule change deadline.
  3. Read the Handbook & Policies below (both student and parent).
  4. *Complete* the Senior Flex & Early Grad form at the bottom of this page.

Flex = Taking less than 8 courses per year or less than 4 courses in the semester.  (This is NOT flexing a virtual course.  This is having NO course for that block.  Do not complete the form below for a CCP or virtual course)

Early Grad = Completing courses and requirements in the 1st semester. 

Senior Flex & Early Grad Form