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Residency Determination Services (RDS)

Residency Determination Services (RDS)



Students attending college in North Carolina are required to complete the RDS process! 

Every student attending college in North Carolina must complete the RDS process to determine if they will be chargerd in-state or out-of-state tuition. The RDS process involves an online "interview" process -- bascially, you answer a bunch of questions -- that result in a determination of your residency for tuition purposes. When all goes smoothly, you receive an RDS Number at the end of the interview process. 

Sometimes there are items that come up in the interview process that may require the student or family to provide additional documentation. You will receive specific instructions on what to do should this happen. The video linked above gives very specific information and details about the RDS process (note that the website in the video looks different due to an upgrade this summer, but the process is essential the same). 

*TIP: This is easiest to do when the student and parent sit down and complete it together.*


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