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Registration 2024-25



Welcome to registration! We look forward to working with students and families as we plan for the 2024-25 school year.

Please click on the button for your grade level below. Parents, please read the important information at the bottom of the page. 

Registration: Rising 10th - 12th Graders

Registration: Rising 9th Graders

A Message for Parents

The input of parents/guardians in the course selection process is vital and valued. Parents/guardians should educate themselves about courses and the other information you will find on the Registration webpages you will soon be exploring. Though parents should not choose courses for their students, they should engage with, guide and empower their students in making course selections that match the students skills, interests and future plans as well as meeting graduation requirements.

Please join our S3 team at our pre-planned registration events so that you and your child's counselor can be collaborative partners in guiding your student toward an optimal schedule for next year. When making difficult decisions about level of rigor, please carefully review your student's past performance as a significant factor. Academic ability and demonstrated work habits should factor into decisions. It can be difficult to separate aspirations from achievement when planning, but we must help our students make wise and informed choices that maximize their potential for future well being and success. 

If you or your child have questions, please participate in the process as outlined on our Registration webpages, as most questions are answered within the outlined steps. We request that you and your child hold lingering questions for our scheduled virtual and in person Registration Help Sessions rather than emailing counselors. Thank you, in advance, for your important and valued participation in this process.